Recent Testimonials.....
"Experiencing Your Authentic Self"
5-Day Retreat

Adlin from:

Firstly, I came to the retreat with an open mind, yet nervous at the same time, as I have never been on retreat before. Before I started my journey to Bali, my life was all over the place where I tried to fit in with friends,  love one and not knowing what to do with my life. 

But Rick and his beautiful family changed my perspective in life. I went through a lot of transformation emotionally and physically,  just being on the retreat. I was so overwhelmed and I love the new me. 

My new journey started the moment I left the retreat and with a smile on my face, I took a step forward and never look back on my past.

Thank you Rick. You have made me realised so much this past few days and I can never thank you enough.  Because of you, I have regained all the positive energy and mind and now I’m looking forward to new beginning of my life.

Apart from the experiences, I loved every moment I spent at the retreat centre, from the amazing food, to a heartfelt bonding among the family, to a beautiful view and the adorable Peaches.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. 

Marvelle from:
Florida, USA

"I'm overwhelmed with gratitude at having found Rick and this retreat. 

His family, his heart, and this special place create a space of unconditional love. 

One where time stops and you can give yourself this moment to grow, to open up, to heal. 

Breathtaking views, stunning property out in nature, and some of the best food in Bali. 

This experience and the connections made will forever be in my heart."

Juan from:
Buenos Aires,

The hospitality that Rick and Lita give to me and everyone on the course exceeded my expectations, they are truly one of a kind.   The content of the course was exactly what I was looking for.....thank you Google Search!  Everything was great!