Q. Why is organising a Corporate Team Building
Event such a challenge?

               A. Because of the many goals that must be achieved all at once, including:

•    Be Unique – compared against past efforts/experiences
•    Be Memorable - create lasting impact
•    Bring the Team Closer Together than they are today
•    Demonstrate Thought & Care was put into selecting and organising
•    Be Inclusive for all types of individuals interests and tastes
•    Deliver Value for Money -  it cannot be seen as too extravagant, nor underwhelming
•    Failure is NOT an Option - the direct opposite desired effect could occur

“As corporate business leaders ourselves, we have been in exactly your position.  Even the most creative individual, will feel the pressure to deliver on the sizable list of expectations above”

                                                                                                  - Team Koi Pond

Team Off-site, Corporate Team Building, Singapore & Bali


The most successful corporate team building Singapore experiences combine two critical elements:  Learning & Fun.

The key to achieving both of these is to not focus 100% on either.  It is a Balancing Act. 

Quality Learning involves good content, along with a bit of humour and fun.  We all remember professors who we respected as subject matter experts, but who also made the learning easier through the ways they applied the learning or injected fun into the mix. 

Quality Fun comes when you least expect it.  You are enjoying a movie or a live show and you learn something unexpectedly, but as a result you became even more interested and entertained by the experience of going for fun, but walking away with knowledge at the same time. 



Duration of the Off-Site is often too short - from as little as a few hours, to a single day.  It is basically the same as a nice team evening out for a meal vs. having a long weekend away.  They can cost the same, but the lasting memories and experience will be vastly different.  

Half or Full-Day sport based activity or a cooking-class are a nice break, but achieve little in the way of lasting impact or deeper understanding of each other.   


The Ubud Team Off-Site Weekend - 2 & 3-Day Programmes to suit your needs

This weekend combines the best of learning and fun in a unique location over a period of time long enough to have lasting impact on your team and your business. 

This corporate team building programme is designed to raise you and your team’s personal and professional consciousness.  This workshop provides an introduction to the foundational principles for individuals and organisations seeking to make lasting change and greater satisfaction and balance in their lives both personally and professionally.  Course content can be catered to align with specific business values or objectives you seek.

Day 1 - Personal Life         Day 2 - Professional Life       Day 3 - Team Adventure


Arrive:  Thursday Night

Day 1 – FRIDAY – Personal Life – Unlocking your Potential

Day 2 – SATURDAY – Professional Life – Tools for the New Economy

Day 3 – SUNDAY – Team Adventure

Depart:  Sunday Night


Team Adventure

Team Adventure days can be Outdoor or Indoor

Team Adventure days can be Outdoor or Indoor

A variety of indoor and outdoor local activities are available in the Ubud to finish your weekend on a high note.  After 2-days together, the comfort level and team energy will be reaching new highs and the team activity before returning home is just the way to wrap up a fantastic weekend.

Outdoor Activities Include:  White-Water Rafting, Tree-Tops Walk, Elephant Trek, Rice Paddy Walk, Morning Sunrise Mountain Hike

Indoor Activities Include:  Balinese Cooking Class, Balinese Mask Carving



This Long-Weekend Team Experience is the right balance, of learning and fun.  The personal and professional development course will be viewed by the participant as a true gift that will keep giving.  The ‘shared team experience” will be memorable and will impact the team dynamic in a positive way for years to come. 



·      2-Day Interactive Workshop

·      Half-Day Off-Site Team Adventure

·      3-Nights Private Villa Accommodation

·      Round-Trip Airport Transfers between Denpasar Airport and Ubud

·      Daily “Heaven-In-Bali” Resort Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

·      All Beverages, excluding alcohol

·      Balinese Coffee/Cookie/Fruit Breaks Daily

·      Final Evening Balinese Dinner & Music // Optional Roast Pig BBQ

·      1-Hour Private Life/Business Coaching Session Post-Weekend

·      Complimentary WIFI Access

·      Use of Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi and all resort facilities

·      USB of all course materials

·      Take-Home Wellness Kit

Corporate Team Building Workshop, Singapore & Bali


Bundles are available for companies that would like to send multiple team members to any of our programmes over a 12-month period. It allows a business to have a “shared experience” without taking everyone out of the business at the same time.  Contact us for more details.

For more details & pricing, please contact us at: +65 9647 6277  
email: info@koipondstrategy.com

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