2017 Course Dates:
6-7 October / 3-4 November / 15-16 December

Course runs from 9am - 6pm each day on Friday & Saturday's. Limited to 8 Participants.

Eventbrite - Raising your Personal & Professional Consciousness: 2-Day Workshop

We know you have a busy life......

What if, over a single weekend, you could learn a dozen Life and Business strategies, leadership training, meet a few new faces, and in short...rock your world forever?  

1 + 1 = 3
This 2-Day Workshop is a hybrid of two of our life-changing programmes in just a single weekend!  It will give you an excellent introduction to the Koi Pond Strategy principles of life and business.  

Day 1 covers key material from the 5-Day Experiencing Your Authentic Self programme. Day 2 is focused on your professional and working life, from our 4-Day Conscious Business programme.

Held at the newly opened and renovated "the CO." working space in Tanjong Pagar @ Duxton Hill
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This 2-Day course is held at the newly renovated and opened "the CO." working space @ Duxton Hill in Tanjong Pagar.  - 99 Duxton Road, Singapore 089543



Day 1 - Authentic & Conscious Self
•    Identifying the saboteur within and how to effectively deal with it
•    Connecting to who you are at the deepest level
•    Seeing how limiting beliefs, stifle your growth
•    Bringing clarity and hope into your life
•    Exploring the option to make conscious, more responsible choices
•    Introduction to Heart Mastery – Your Head & Heart working in sync

Day 2 - Authentic & Conscious Business
•    An introduction to 12-workable strategies, explore 4 in-depth
•    Clarity as to what is important to you, your development and your company
•    Measuring your Personal and Company consciousness
•    Aligning Passion, Purpose and Values
•    Asking the right questions


Included in the programme is a private coaching session after the course is completed via SKYPE.  During the course you will have many one-on-one chats over meals and during breaks with instructors, but this call will give you a chance to explore and discuss any aspect of your personal or professional life, business situations you feel driven to explore further.  

Private Coaching & Leadership Training, Singapore


In two words:  Life-Changing.  The interactive time spent over meals and within group sessions with like-minded, well-traveled, global professionals like you, will provide new energy that you may have not felt for a very long time.  The environment will give you new perspective from the moment you arrive.

“More than once in the history of Whole Foods Market, the company was unable to collectively evolve until I myself was able to evolve - in other words, I was holding the company back.
My personal growth enabled the company to evolve.”
John Mackey - CEO - Whole Foods Market
John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods Market


•    You feel that within you, there is untapped potential and a genuine urge to bring out
      imaginative, creative skills and new ideas that remain locked inside you

•    Those in need of change, who have travelled far enough down the spiral of
      dissatisfaction and are ready to break free from their limits.

•    Those feeling overwhelmed and in need of new, vibrant and workable solutions
      to their everyday life or workplace challenges.

•    Your existing business growth model is no longer effective, and you don’t feel like
      you are moving forward in the way you would like.  

•    Those who seek ways to develop further as a leader in order to bring a more positive
      impact on the people in your life, your business and the wider community.

•    Business and/or family pressure is taking a toll on your personal health or
      impacting your life in ways that no longer can be ignored.


                                 Still have questions?



Rick Purell, Leadership Training Coach

About Rick Pursell

Lead Instructor.  Coach. 
Co-Founder: Koi Pond Strategy.

Rick is truly one of a kind.  His passion and purpose in life is clear, and everything he does supports this.   His journey in life has been amazing, but hardly a straight line.  Returning from the battles of combat in the Vietnam War at just 22-years old, he was a self-described - “broken man”.   Rising up from this, he undertook both a corporate business path in the energy sector, as well as a spiritual one, studying with masters across India, China and SE Asia.  Rick is a TEDx speak and author, but above all, he is a master at intuitively listening, understanding and helping others see what they cannot see in themselves. 


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S$750/per participant - includes all service charges & taxes*

Enter Promo Code: "4YOU" and save S$250 on this course.

*Eligible for 40% credit for companies via the Singapore Productivity & Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC) - Nett cost after PIC credit: S$450/per participant. 

Eventbrite - Raising your Personal & Professional Consciousness: 2-Day Workshop

Programme Package Includes:

Business Leadership Training Workshop, Singapore

·      2-Day Interactive Workshop

·     Daily Lunch & Coffee-Breaks

·      1-Hour Private Life/Business Coaching Session after
     the course is completed via SKYPE with Rick Pursell

·      USB of all course materials

Please check with us for any questions

Email: info@koipondstrategy.com

Call: +65 9647 6277