5-Day Personal Development Retreat - Ubud, Bali

2019 Retreat Dates:

  • January - Completed

  • February - Completed

  • 2-8 March - Completed

  • April - Fully Booked

  • May - Fully Booked

  • 8-14 June - Space Available

  • July - Summer Break - No Retreats

  • August - Summer Break - No Retreats

  • September - October - November - December 2019 - Dates to be confirmed.
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Please note that dates listed are Arrival and Departure dates

Limited to 5 Participants per Retreat.


US$1,495/per participant - includes all service charges & taxes

US$250 Deposit is required to reserve a place for a retreat date.  This is a non-refundable deposit, but may be applied to a future retreat if used within 6-months of the original retreat date booked.  Balance of US$1,245 due 30-days prior to course arrival date.  If course date you are booking is less than 30-days for the start, please select full payment of US$1,495 in the online check-out.


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·      5-DAY Interactive Workshop

·      6-NIGHTS Private Villa Accommodation

·      Round-Trip Transfers Bali Airport-Ubud-Bali Airport

·      Daily “Heaven-In-Bali” Resort Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

·      All Beverages, excluding alcohol

·      1-Hour Massage scheduled at your convenience

·      Balinese Coffee/Cookie/Fruit Breaks Daily

·      Voucher for 50% off Standard Private Villa Rates
       (US$120/night) for up to 2-Nights prior to or after
       your retreat. 

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·      Two 1-Hour Private - Life/Business Coaching Sessions

·      Wi-Fi Access

·      Use of Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi and all Resort Facilities

·      USB of all course content & a Koi Pond Journal

NOTE:  The retreat dates shown are the days that you should ARRIVE and the day you can DEPART.  For your travel booking plans you will need to arrive on the date shown at from 3pm in the afternoon (or evening), as the retreat begins at 9am the following morning.  You are free to check out after breakfast on the end date shown, and depending on availability, you may extend or have a late check out.    

Please check with us for any questions on this, or to confirm booking additional nights either before or after the retreat dates.   

Eventbrite - Experiencing Your Authentic Self: 5-Day Retreat

Are you Ready to Experience your Authentic Self?

All roads start and end with you during this week long retreat.  This is the course that started first started in 2006.  It evolves and morphs each time we run it, but it always delivers on the promise to let you experience a more conscious version of you and your potential within.  You will walk away with not just clarity like you have never before experienced before, but also with a clear plan, next steps, renewed energy and more.

The Orange Villa - Your Home for the Week!

The Orange Villa - Your Home for the Week!

It is about your specific situations in life, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your Behavioural Intelligence and helping make sense of it all.   Our courses accept a maximum of 5 participants to ensure you have a personalised experience.  The entire week is very interactive, a fusion of knowledge and practical experience, which gives you the wisdom to lead your life to wherever you choose.  Be assured time will most certainly be spent on areas related to your specific needs and you will go as deep as your courage and bravery will allow.   

You will have an individualised experience, even in a group session. There is structure and intelligent design behind your shared journey.  

Personal Development Retreats
“A brilliant course. Around 18-months now since I did the 5-Day Authentic Self Course at Koi Pond and I find that Rick’s gift to me keeps on giving. Drawing on a wide variety of resources, life experiences and learning, Rick helped me to better understand how to grow into my true authentic self and purpose. Understanding the psychology of the ego, the impact of society on our peace of mind, relationships and childhood, values of the heart and living consciously were all covered in an interactive, caring and open manner.

If you are considering doing this course, my advice is this, life is short, just do it!”

Chris Forbes - Business Owner, Australia


- Identifying your primary, personal barrier to unleashing your fullest potential; the glass ceiling or saboteur within.

- Identifying who you really are beyond your limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviours.

- Exploring the option to make conscious, more responsible choices for a more sustainable and fulfilling future.

- Shifting your perspective from an unsustainable routine or pattern, to a new, more workable way forward. 

- Experiencing a more conscious version of you.

- Identifying the tools to bring about desirable changes; mentally, emotionally and in your behaviour

- Understanding how to gain a deeper connection to your core values, passion and purpose in life.  

Personal Development 5-Day Retreat in Bali


The interactive and synergistic time spent over meals and within group sessions with like-minded, well-traveled, global professionals like you, will provide new perspectives and confidence that you may have not felt for a very long time.  The one-on-one coaching, along with time for yourself, relaxing, contemplating, swimming, or taking a walk, will all support the learning and assimilation of the new tools you are beginning to practice.   

You will start to notice a change in yourself.  You will feel that this is unlike other path you have tried in the past.  Yes, this is a very different feeling, as you start moving out of your head and into your heart.  You will find that the ideas about how to make changes in your life are finally starting to become very clear, as is your belief in yourself that these changes will truly align with who you really are, and who you want to be, from here on.   There is no looking back and you could not be happier about it. 

Finally, the nature filled environment itself will help further fuel your creativity, thoughts and clarity, all of which get stronger with each day you are on retreat. 

Are you Ready?  Still have questions?  Contact Us Anytime.....




- Those who want to dig deep into finding the answer to the question: 
  What is really stopping me from reaching my full potential?

- For those who are in “Need of Change” period in their life. 

- Those of you who feel overwhelmed or irritated with your current patterns or
  life rhythms, which are no longer serving you or are no longer sustainable. 

- For those of you who have unsuccessfully tried to make changes through other ways and
  still feel very committed to putting time and energy into facing your fears and finally
  feeling free from what was holding you back.

- For those who feel frustrated, undervalued, overworked, or stuck in passionless work.
  You may be regarded as “successful” by your peers, family and even yourself sometimes,
  but you are exhausted and want to find a more balanced way forward.  


Rick Pursell, Life Coach

About Rick Pursell

Lead Instructor.  Coach. 
Co-Founder: Koi Pond Strategy

Rick is truly one of a kind.  His passion and purpose in life is clear, and everything he does supports this.   His journey in life has been amazing, but hardly a straight line.  Returning from the battles of combat in the Vietnam War at just 22-years old, he was a self-described - “broken man”.   Rising up from this, he undertook both a corporate business path in the energy sector, as well as a spiritual one, studying with masters across India, China and SE Asia.  Rick is a TEDx speak and author, but above all, he is a master at intuitively listening, understanding and helping others see what they cannot see in themselves.