Life & Business can be challenging at times, can’t it?


There we are, going about our daily life when someone or something appears and knocks us off our perch. It could be emotional turmoil we find ourselves in or difficulty handling another’s emotional outbursts, at home or at the office.  

It could be an element of personal mental anguish or an uncomfortable scenario from the past.  Or just feelings of being frustrated or overwhelmed.

Whatever it is, if we knew what it was, it would not bother us. It would be something accessible and in the conscious, analytical mind. But the source often lies in the hidden, “charged” areas from our past, not easily accessed and resolved.  That is where a good Business or Life Coach can help.
"We guide you to, and through, troublesome areas and help you unravel the confusion, to pave way to a compelling future filled with optimism, creativity and potential realised."


If you look at the top performers in any field, business, sports or music, to name but a few, you will find they all use coaching as part of their on-going routines.  Even after achieving new levels of achievement, top performers continue to use coaching as part of their plan to stay on top, stay healthy and stay hungry.  The best of the best often have multiple coaches for different disciplines for specific areas of their life, business and self that they want to ensure are working in harmony. 

“What most impressed me was Rick’s keen intuitiveness. Within the first 20 minutes of talking with him, I felt that he understood my core values and aspirations. The six question framework Rick shared has been instrumental in helping me to define my path to new and more meaningful goals.”
Susan Sabanos – CEO, China Ready Solutions, USA

“Rick is an amazing coach who masterfully combines his wisdom and compassion to help you live your best possible life. I am truly grateful for the positive change he has helped me make. I have applied his guidance in numerous situations since my sessions. Your life will never be the same once you meet Rick.”
Nieke Borst - Business Owner, Holland
Life Coach in Singapore

Selecting the right life coach Singapore can sometimes be a challenge.  Personality, communication style and just the general comfort level with a coach all play a factor in finding compatible to work with over a period of time.  Everyone needs support sometime and coaches are an excellent way to seek outside guidance about everything from situations happening in your work life, your career to your personal life and your aspirations.   Helping get all of these working together is a process, with tremendous rewards. 


Coaching connects two people or more people that work in harmony together to gain understanding and clarity with the goal of making lasting change.  It requires mutual trust, compassion and respect for each other that strengthens over time.  

We see the connection between your personal life and your business life as one in the same; they are both you and each can have a significant impact on the other.  Understanding this alone helps focus our coaching time energy where it belongs, on you!

Coaching is a process.  And as such, our quality processes involves a series of simple, repeatable steps in order to achieve a goal.  While results and progress will be made each session, a series of sessions may be needed to gain a full understanding, create a rhythm for change to be implemented and the benefits to come.   You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly we can get to the root of the situation and guarantee you will not spend weeks or months  “on the couch”.

Each session is 60-minutes in length and can be conducted via services including SKYPE. 



US$75 for 1-hour session

Bundle of (4) 1-hour sessions - US$250