Uber Lessons From Uber

Why We Need More Women in the Boardrooms

Forces always come back to equilibrium.

When the pendulum is not swinging, all the forces acting on the pendulum are in equilibrium.
When a pendulum is put in motion the place of equilibrium is at the bottom of the swing, the place where the pendulum rests. When the pendulum is at the top of its swing the force bringing the pendulum back down to this midpoint is gravity.
As a result gravity can be seen as the restoring force in this case.

There should be no doubt in our minds by now, that masculine forces have dominated our boardrooms, families, communities, corporations, religions, educational facilities, medical professions and many other elements of society.

This has created a massive imbalance, inequality and out of equilibrium.

If an automotive manufacturer is building cars for both a male and female market, then doesn’t it make more sense to have a balanced representation of both genders guiding and advising the company.

The story of Uber’s rise to fame and challenges they now face is well publicised, but just for a moment, let’s consider this imbalance at the board level of a company who provides services for both men and women.

Of the 25 Board of Directors and Advisors only 3 women were represented – Source: Crunchbase.

Do you honestly think that claims of sexual harassment would have been tolerated at the Board & Advisory level, if women had an equal say in the running and direction of the company?

Management forces, design forces, production forces, marketing forces, sales forces etc., all need to be brought back into equilibrium for a company to function in a state of balance and effectiveness.

This doesn’t deny the pendulum-like action of swinging one way or another, masculine/feminine will possibly occur, but it does imply that where applicable and appropriate, the balance must be restored and prevail.

Clearly this is not the only imbalance and cause of Uber’s woes, but hopefully it heralds the healthier possibility of a truly balanced representation of both men and women in the boardrooms around the world.

Only when the voices, wisdom and energies of women are heard and honestly accepted, respected and honoured, will we find a true balance across all facets of society.

Towards more equality.


Rick’s passion and purpose in life is clear, and everything he does supports this.   His journey in life has been hardly a straight line.  Returning from the battles of combat in the Vietnam War at just 22-years old, he was a self-described - “broken man”.   Rising up from this, he undertook both a corporate business path in the energy sector, as well as a spiritual one, studying with masters across India, China and SE Asia.  Rick is a TEDx speaker and author, but above all, he is a master at intuitively listening, understanding and helping others see what they cannot see in themselves.

Rick was born in England, and then spent over 30-years in Australia and has called Ubud, Bali home for the past 10-years with his wife and family.