Trust, the Glue that Holds Businesses Together

I remember how devastated I was to learn of a close friend’s lack of integrity and my resultant loss of thousands of hard earned dollars, fifty thousand to be exact.

I stomped around grumpily and flabbergasted for a couple of days, until I took full responsibility for lending him the seed money for his new business.

He disappeared never to be seen again and from it, I learned three valuable lessons, for which I am most grateful:

  1. Discernment – my ability to judge well
  2. To take full responsibility for the decisions I make
  3. How do I truly help people?

I have forgiven both him and myself and moved on, equipped with the tools to make better decisions and choices.

Trust, I believe, is most vital in all forms of relationships.

Without it, we cannot move forward with clarity, certainty and confidence, there will always be a niggling thought or intuitive hit that something is not quite right here. “I cannot put my finger on it, but something is not right here.” Listen, follow your intuition and tread carefully with your eyes wide open

With trust being present, we can take calculated risks, feel confident, certain and ready for action.

Trust has to be earned and is verified by actions, not necessarily by words alone. So watch for any mismatch between what is being said, as opposed to what you observe in their behaviour.

"When the words and behaviours are in synch, then trust can be born."

In a perfect world, integrity will be the norm and trust as one component, will occur without question.

But until we transform from the old, unworkable paradigm of living, into the the new, trust,  or the lack of to be more precise, is going to be an issue.

As a conscious leader, we must first trust ourselves implicitly, and be considered completely trustworthy by others, if we are to hold our relationships or businesses together.

In trust.

Rick Pursell


Rick’s passion and purpose in life is clear, and everything he does supports this.   His journey in life has been hardly a straight line.  Returning from the battles of combat in the Vietnam War at just 22-years old, he was a self-described - “broken man”.   Rising up from this, he undertook both a corporate business path in the energy sector, as well as a spiritual one, studying with masters across India, China and SE Asia.  Rick is a TEDx speaker and author, but above all, he is a master at intuitively listening, understanding and helping others see what they cannot see in themselves.

Rick was born in England, and then spent over 30-years in Australia and has called Ubud, Bali home for the past 10-years with his wife and family.