Towards A Thriving Humanity and Planet

It is not always easy to sort out the wheat from the chaff – a charming old adage, which implies, things are not always as they appear and it takes courage to delve a little deeper in search of the truth.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no monopoly on the truth, other than how it is perceived from my perspective.

With this in mind, there is a fascinating documentary, viewed by millions and available freely online by The Thrive Movement.

While I had a working knowledge of most of the topics covered, the presenters pulled them all together in a simple, non-emotional and non-judgmental way, with our showing of this movie resulted in many people letting out gasps of disbelief and nods of agreement.

I urge you to download, or watch this free gift to humanity here:

It is vital that we become informed of the truth of what is transpiring on this planet at this time. Informed from reliable and honest sources, not necessarily the mainstream media. We need to be discerning about what we read, see and are told about, as blindly accepting information as the “truth”, can lead us down a labyrinth of confusion and indecision

Only when we are truthfully informed, can we make intelligent decisions that are based on what is good for all living species and our Mother Earth.

We then need to become more responsible, by taking more and more responsibility in alignment with our level of awareness. We cannot sit back, bearing witness and do nothing about it. I believe as we are awakening, we are being called to action, not violent action, but peaceful, non-violent actions to bring about change. Civilian disobedience as promulgated by Mahatma Gandhi, is one such example of non-violent action. Peaceful protests, as exhibited by literally millions of concerned citizens all around the world are becoming the norm and bring to the fore, issues that need to be addressed or abandoned for something more workable.

On a personal note, we can all contribute to this movement by becoming more conscious, more informed and more willing to step up and do something of value for humanity.

Are you ready, willing and able?

Rick Pursell

Rick’s passion and purpose in life is clear, and everything he does supports this.   His journey in life has been hardly a straight line.  Returning from the battles of combat in the Vietnam War at just 22-years old, he was a self-described - “broken man”.   Rising up from this, he undertook both a corporate business path in the energy sector, as well as a spiritual one, studying with masters across India, China and SE Asia.  Rick is a TEDx speaker and author, but above all, he is a master at intuitively listening, understanding and helping others see what they cannot see in themselves.

Rick was born in England, and then spent over 30-years in Australia and has called Ubud, Bali home for the past 10-years with his wife and family.