Align your Values, Purpose & Passion in 2017

There are literally thousands of definable values, which simply stated, are things we care about or feel are important to us.

By defining our own core values, we swing open the door of opportunity to bring alignment, clarity and meaning to our life, where before we may have felt a little directionless. This alignment gives rise to uncovering our Life Purpose and Passion, so it also serves as a foundational aspect of ourselves.

When people who have different and non-aligning values to ours cross our path, we often feel a sense of disconnection towards them and sometimes, irritation, anxiety or downright antagonism. That is not to say they are either "right" or "wrong", which is the work of the judging, ego-mind, but only that our values differ and from our perspective, do not match or harmonise with theirs, or vice versa.

The importance of honouring our core values in our life and surrounding ourselves with others with whom they are aligned, cannot be overstated.

When we compromise our integrity or other core values and remain in a dysfunctional relationship, whether it be personal of professional, we degrade ourselves and cannot perform to the best of our abilities.

In post-war days, people stayed working in jobs (often by necessity) for years and years, hating their work, their bosses and themselves.


Passion-driven activities are not work!! Work is that stuff that comes in between paydays. Passionate undertakings, will get us out of bed at 3am to serve our calling, flowing with ease, give lasting satisfaction and meaning to our lives.

Hinged on our values and passion, our Life Purpose, the very reason we are here to fulfil, can percolate to the surface, be assimilated into our lives, producing endless gratification and personal satisfaction.

We owe it ourselves to come into alignment with our values, passion and purpose - why? 

Because the world is missing what you have to offer!