About the Resort/Food/Transportation


Q.  How will I find the driver to pick me up?
A.  Our drivers will be holding up a sign “KOI POND RETREATS” and have a list of attendees, to ensure no one gets left behind.

Q.  How far is the Bali Airport from the Resort? 
Approximately 60 kilometres – 1.5 to 2 hour drive, depending on traffic.

Q.  What kind of food can I expect?
A.  Healthy, nutritious and mainly organic, some from our own garden.  A set menu will be prepared in advance and we catering for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.  Morning and afternoon coffee/fruit/cookies keep you fueled as well.

Q.  Are you able to cater to specific dietary requirements?  
Yes absolutely, as long as we know in advance your preferences.

Q.  Is this a “dry” Resort? 
A.  We do offer a basic range of Red and White wine, as well as the local favourite beer Bintang.  These are all available for purchase in addition to any programme package.  However, during the workshop or retreat, we ask that you either abstain, or moderate your consumption to ensure you get the maximum benefits from the work you will be doing.  Remember this is an investment in yourself, the best investment you can make.

Q.   Is it possible to arrive prior to the course or stay after the course is over?
A.   Yes. If you would like to arrange to arrive early or stay extra nights, please let us know well in advance, so we can hold your room.

Q.  Where is the Resort located in relation to central Ubud?
We are approximately 21 kilometres from the Royal Palace, considered the centre of town.

About the Programmes & Coaching

Q.  How long are the Sessions?  Are there Breaks?
   This is not a “boot camp” nor a “marathon”.  We run sprints mainly.   The work you are doing can be pretty intense, so it is important to keep you fueled, comfortable and fresh from start-to-finish.  Morning sessions start at a civilized 9am, which gives you time for a swim, walk, gaze at the mountains or simply sit around the in morning and chat over a Balinese Latte. A healthy lunch at 1pm is complemented with a lovely afternoon juice/coffee/local fruit/fresh baked cookie break at 4pm, to fuel you up to the end of the day around 6pm. Dinner will be served at 7pm. You will not go hungry!!

Q.  What can I expect from my time in Ubud with you?
.  Like most things, it is what you make of it.  We have a decade of programme delivery experience to draw upon and hundreds of programmes delivered over that time.  You are in competent, safe hands.   However, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday, or a lightweight, feel good, airy-fairy retreat that skims across the surface and doesn’t delve deep into what makes you tick, this is probably not for you.  If you are really ready to change your life and/or your business, you have to be willing to go beyond your comfort zone and dive deep.  If you have that courage, then the rewards are immense, and well worth it.

Q.  Is there a detailed agenda for each day of the course?
.  While we have structure and a lot of content to offer, the programmes we deliver are very bespoke and personalised.  This is one reason we limit the course sizes to 9 maximum.   From the moment you arrive, we want to understand all we can about you and your life, business, and life situation.  Day 1 of every programme is “Understand & Discover” This is a two-way street, to learn more about each other right away, so we can shape and focus energy on exactly the things that will give you the most impact, whether you are with us for 2, 4 or 5-days. 

Q.  What should I bring?
  Above all, bring an “open-mind”.  Second, please bring a journal and your favourite pen if you have one.  You will find that your thoughts and ideas will be racing.  You will get all of the presentations on USB, but best to capture your thoughts morning, day and night as they happen.  Bring your swimsuit or shorts for 28C daytime temperatures and a jumper, as it can get cool 18C in the evenings.  Most people play “rain sounds” to relax, we have it live in concert!  Finally, if you do have medicines, basic supplies you need (even things like contact solution, feminine products, your favourite snacks, etc) please DO bring these with you, as there is no local chemist or convenience stores in the area. 

Q.  What should I wear during my time with you?
  Be comfortable.  There is no dress code, nor is there any dress requirement.  We are located in the mountains of Bail where the coffee grows, not down by the beach, so bringing layers is the best solution.  It can be hot when the sun is out about 28C at times, but afternoon rain in the Monsoon Season or evenings, may make you pull out your jumper.  

Q.  Will I have time during the course to shop in Ubud?
   If you would like to go into Ubud, we would suggest you do this before or after the course, as it is about 30-45 minutes by car service to get there each way.  If you would like to arrange to arrive early or stay extra nights, please let us know as soon as you book, as we do fill up. 

Q.  Is there Yoga on your courses?
  While we believe in using tools like Yoga, Meditation and other practices as part of a healthy lifestyle, none of our programmes have a Yoga component to them. 

Q.  How many people will be in my programme?
A.  You will meet some of the most amazing like-minded people on your course that much we know for sure.  We have not met them yet either, but we can’t wait too!  We limit all of scheduled workshop & retreat programmes to 9 participants maximum.  Your group may have less, but be assured it will not have more.  This is again to ensure the interaction is personalised and tailored to your needs.


Q.  Will there be other guests at the resort during my course?
   Ensuring you have privacy and are in a supportive and safe environment for learning is of the utmost importance to us, as such, only members of your class will be on property during the course period. 

Q.  Is it OK to bring my partner with me if they are not taking the course?
  To gain the maximum benefit from our programmes, you need to be with people on your course or by yourself during the time here.  We only permit individuals on the property that are taking a course.  As the interaction with each other is part of the group dynamic, in and out of class, during meals and coffee-breaks, it is important to keep that synergy going.

Q.  Is there Coaching available during my Programme?
  All 4-Day & 5-Day programmes come with a 1-Hour individual coaching session.  2-Day programmes include a 1-Hour coaching session after the programme completes via SKYPE. 

Q.  Can I have additional coaching sessions during my course?
  Depending on your class size, there may be time for additional sessions before, during or after your course completes.  These would be at additional cost outside of your normal course package. 


Q.  Why is coaching only offered to those who have completed a Koi Pond Course?
Our Big Fish graduates get priority, is the short answer.  Those who make the commitment to come to Bali and join a course are serious about change.  We love that.  Once they complete a course, have a few coaching sessions while they are with us, and some will want to typically have 3-4 more sessions in the coming 3-6 months, to ensure they stay on course and get support when they need it most!  


Q.  What are BIG FISH?
A.  This is title that individuals who have completed a course with us have earned by achieving amazing breakthroughs and success.  They are OUR heroes!   The courage they display and the energy they bring to others, is nothing short of heroic!