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Changing your environment, changes your perspective immediately.  When you are in your world or your business, you are on the inside looking out.  Join any of our courses and see a new you from the moment you arrive.  Add in some new tools, new interactions with others and space to reflect and you have the recipe for making real change. 

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5-Day Retreat - Ubud, Bali

This is the programme that started it all for us 10-years ago. We have evolved this 5-Day retreat to be the personalised and tailored programme it is today.  Limited to 9 participants per class, to experience your authentic self is one of the most powerful things you will ever do.  Through a combination of group learning with like-minded professionals, one-on-one coaching, and personal time to reflect, you will find that making change in your life will finally become a reality.

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4-Day Workshop - Ubud, Bali

This ground breaking new course for 2017 opens up new approaches and strategies that corporate leaders and entrepreneurs can apply to any business.  As the architect and leader of your company or team, you need new ideas, great ones.  In less than 10-years, the world has experienced some of the most significant changes to the way we live and run business.  This course focuses on 12-practical strategies that align with this new paradigm shift that enable you to compete and grow in a sustainable way for decades to come.  With a course limited to 9 participants, you will be learning with like minded leaders and in an environment unlike any corporate training you have ever experienced, with results to match.

Team Building Off-Sites
2 & 3-Day Workshop & Team Adventure
Ubud, Bali

This Long-Weekend Team Experience is the right balance, of learning and fun.  The personal and professional development course will be viewed by the participant as a true gift that will keep giving. The ‘shared team experience” will be memorable and will impact the team dynamic in a positive way for years to come.  End the cycle of golf trips, fancy dinners out and other things you have tried in the past.  We will work with you to help create a programme that will meet your objectives, budget and time period available.