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So what do Koi have to do with it?

Koi limit their growth, relative to the size of their immediate environment, a clever process of natural sustainability.  Small pond, small Koi.  Bigger pond, bigger Koi. 

Are you, or your business,
feeling stuck in the same old pond?

If we as individuals, or organisations, are in disharmony, repeating the same things and expecting new results, we will fail to grow and be passed by, or worse. 

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Since 2006 we have helped individuals and teams break old patterns and create new sustainable ones to help realise potential and bring back balance.

Personal and professional growth is restrained by the level of consciousness you are operating under.  Your growth is assured when you raise your consciousness and apply new, wiser, more sustainable behaviours.  

Are you ready?


"Experiencing Your Authentic Self"
5-Day Personal Development Retreat
Next:  6-12 October, 2019 - Ubud, Bali 

Through a combination of group learning with like-minded professionals, one-on-one coaching and personal time to reflect, surrounded by pristine nature, your idea of creating a better life will become a reality. Experiencing your Authentic Self is undoubtedly, the most life changing things you will ever do...for you!  

Held monthly in Bali and limited to 5 participants per class to give you the personalised attention and space you need....and deserve.

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Team Discovery Off-Sites

Team Building & Team Off-Sites, Singapore & Bali

Team Development like no other!

End the boring routine of fancy dinners, golf outings and other things you have tried in the past to bring your team closer!  Our Team Retreats combine Self & Team Development like no other off-site can! 

Polycom South-East Asia Team Building Week

Polycom South-East Asia Team Building Week


Our Team Retreats will be viewed by your people as a true gift that will keep paying dividends for all. The "shared team experience” will be powerful and memorable one for years to come.

Your best ever team event awaits!