Our Tailored Programmes for Business & Corporate

Corporate Team Building and Off-sites

3-day Programme, Bali

Conscious Business, Corporate Training

4-day Workshop, Bali

Life Coaching

4 Sessions, Bali, Singapore

Our Personal Programmes for Yourself


5-day Retreat, Bali

Personal & Professional Consciousness

2-day Course, Bali

Life Coaching

4 Sessions, Bali, Singapore

Ready to build give your leadership team & organisation new perspectives & tools to enable reach their fullest potential in Life and Business?  

We've been helping individuals and organisations do just that for the past 10-years!


Click to View Video: Koi Pond Strategy. Explained. 

Personal and professional growth is restrained by the level of consciousness you are operating under.  Your growth is assured when you raise your consciousness and apply new, wiser, more sustainable behaviours.  Are you ready?

Join us on a course in Singapore & Bali to advance your Personal Development, Professional Leadership Training & Corporate Team Building and make real change for you and others!

             Corporate Team Building & Bonding in Bali!

Team Building & Team Off-Sites, Singapore & Bali

Team Building Off-Sites
2-Day & 3-Day Team Development Adventures

End the cycle of golf trips, fancy dinners out and other things you have tried in the past to bring your team closer.  This Long-Weekend Team Experience is the right balance, of learning and fun.  

Your personal and professional development course will be viewed by you and your people as a true gift that will keep giving. The "shared team experience” will be synergistic, powerful and memorable in a positive way for years to come. Your best ever team event awaits! 

Personal Development, 5-day Retreat, in Bali

Experiencing Your Authentic Self
5-Day Personal Development Retreat, Bali
Next: 22-28 October 2017

Through a combination of group learning with like-minded professionals, one-on-one coaching and personal time to reflect, surrounded by pristine nature, your idea of creating a better life will become a reality.  Experiencing your Authentic Self is undoubtedly, the most life changing things you will ever do...for you!  

Held monthly in Bali and limited to 9 participants per class, to give you the personalised attention you need and deserve.